Is Divorce their answer to EVERY problem?

My Husband's answer to every problem, big or small, has always been to get a divorce.  I've always said, he's lived for 23 years with one foot out the door.  Having only recently been diagnosed, and only starting meds a week ago, I was determined to ride this out for awhile.  But now he just seems calmer, more resolved, and I guess peaceful about a divorce.  Now I've been cut out of his counseling altogether, he's bordering on anxious to move on to his new and improved life WITHOUT ME!  I'm thinking about going away for the weekend with no warning.  Every weekend for about a month I've said I'm going to go, and he'd respond that he would go but he wouldn't.  He'd stay here and fight with me all weekend and tear me down and destroy me, in front of our kids.  Has anyone tried to just leave for a 48 hour period, leave a note, what is the likely response?  I've never done anything like this because I've been petrified of losing him, but I feel like I already have and I really need some space.  His answer to everything is divorce, and now he's resolved and his answer to everything is to work out the details of the divorce.  Should I get up Friday morning and just take off?  should I tell him I'm going?  Should I shut my phone off?  Help!