Do any of you have this problem with ADHD mate?

My H doesn't respect that certain foods are purchased for particular meals. He doesn't do the shopping or cooking, so he doesn't respect or understand how annoying it is to go to make dinner and then find out that he mowed thru a needed item. I buy plenty of food, snacks, etc that are easily eaten, so it's annoying that his impulsiveness (I want it now) will prevent him from respecting that an item is needed for a particular reason. Recently, I bought a food item for our child to take to school (school requested this for a school-party). I put it on the counter and wrote "this is for Megan's school party tomorrow" on it so that H couldn't claim that he "didn't know". Well, the next morning I find that he ate it ANYWAY. He became angry when confronted and refused to go to the store to replace I had to. He said that I deserved having to go back to the store for being a #$%^& complaining that he ate the item. So, now I have to REALLY hide non-fridge items that are needed for something else!!! I can't hid fridge items unless they're small....and then I hide them in a container that looks like something H would never