Do ex with ADHD ever come back ?

My boyfriend (M33)of 2 months with ADHD just broke up with me(f30)

It was going really good at start , he was sweet and attentive, would always reply my text. Made me feel heard. I thought he was opening upto me, he talked about his complicate relationships with his closed ones. But he started being quite slowly i did best to reach out and make plans, i thought we had a good time. But a week ago I started sensing him disinterested, would only get dry texts, I asked him if there was anything i did anything he wanted to talk about, he said he was worried about his mom who was having a surgery. Thankfully his mom surgery got better and is doing good. But still he was dry texting me . I tried talking about it again then he said he was worried about his assignments so he needs to be hyper focused and couldn't do it unless he ignored  people, also he has started taking his ADHD meds as he needs to focus on assignments. So I didn’t text him for couple of days, did send him memes in Instagram though. I still felt he was dry texting me after he was done with his assignments and asked if he wants to break up with me as he was hurting me by acting disinterested!
He said he was feeling weird doesn’t want to hurt me and broke up with me! I think I over reacted to the situation, he was going through so much , also he has a pressure to finish college by December. I don't know if he broke up with me because he was thinking about it and procrastinating like he was doing on his assignments or it was impulsive as he is under lots of pressure. I feel bad about not trying to understand his situation, I got insecure as his behavior changed drastically towards me! probably should have been patient. 

I really like him and wish I could talk to him. I didn’t reply to his msg just removed him from instagram. I am really hurt ! Did I self sabotage the relationship by bringing up break up ? Was it inevitable? Would he have come back if I had waited for him ! I don’t know I am so hurt and confused. Should I reach out to him and apologize?