Do I have ADHD

I recently got married to the most wonderful man who treats me like gold.  Geeez I am not sure where to start but I do have to fix my problem uncontrollable temper or my marriage will be over quickly.  First off my husband lives In the USA and I'm in Canada , I am supposed to be moving there in a month ,that is if he ever forgives me :(    I will tell you about this tantrum or whatever it's called, I turn into a monster, someone I don't like in the least I say hurtful things that I don't mean.  Like this time he drove 6 hours to meet me. I drove 1 1/2  only to stay 1 night and me to take off at midnight the second and last nite we had together in a rage calling him names , I even left the new cell phone he got me and my beautiful engagement and wedding ring behind, telling him I didn't want him anymore and I hated him and on and on.  I HATE MYSELF, this is a good good man how can I treat him so badly.   I don't know where to go what to do,where to start. But I do have to get this under control.  

The reason for me being upset , truthfully. I don't even remember.  Nothing that is important ,nothing he did to either disrespect me or put me down in anyway.  Geeez it just wasn't a great day and it should of been, after all I spent the morning at the hair salon getting the works done.   He was moody all day because he didn't sleep the nite before because I snore ,he tells me!  I can't confirm that I do!  But I'm willing to try anything to control it so the poor man can sleep.  But moody doesn't deserve the anger ,or the monster that comes out in me.  

Please anything will help, any tiny bit of info ,whatever.  I have to save my marriage.