Do people with ADHD feel sad?

I have been dating this guy with ADHD for about a year and half now... 

it's been like a roller coaster... and at some point, he made me believe I am the one who needs therapy, I am the one who is needy, I am the one who blames everything on him.

We have been apart for the past several months, and we agreed there was no chance for this relationship if long distance. 

So, I landed a job and was about to move there, across the continent. 

Only, when he came to visit this past weekend, i saw very flirtatious texts exchanged with another female. (the texting all happened after i told him, I got a job and would move there......)

I confronted him... and it didn't seem that he felt sorry at all.... so I said, I have no interest in competing every interest he has in life and being put last in this relationship... and he started saying "you are so needy, why can't you just accept that I need less than you do to be happy in a relationship".

I feel "dry" and emotionally bankrupt. do they even feel a tiny bit of sadness or remorse when something goes wrong? I can't request anything I need in a relationship, and when I continue to do my part to "give" and show him my commitment, he said "don't act like you need me so much and let me approach you"

He was brought up by his dad, where his mom also had ADD and their relationship is non-exisistent. Some times I think, he has no respect for women, he, as a physician, always got no problem getting girls/women. While I am well educated myself and holding a great job, I don't feel valued or appreciated.