Do they ever miss you

My 2.5 year relationship with undiagnosed adhd partner ended last week.So many issues discussed on this forum were experienced, lack of employment, lack of focus on most things unless it was fun ideally playing cricket/cycling/rugby, attention seeking aka flirting, l ask of empathy most of the time.
Yet he could be a highly likeable guy who wanted me to move in, I wanted to be with him but there was no compromise no clarity given on financial status extremely tight at times with no interest in home maintenance/decor yet found money for a lads only ski holiday, mum with dementia giving him money monthly. I think he thought me renting out my house would allow him extra cash and further take the pressure off him to work. 
But I digress it's the same sad old story many of us have had. What I want to know is since the breakup, there is no emotion involved at all for him, not cold but almost like I mean nothing. Is this how they operate?

It saddens me, but I'm suspecting he would be the type that would move on immediately, whilst I consider myself highly empathetic and have reflected a lot on my behaviour, there doesn't seem any of that with him.