Do they realize as soon as they say they'll do something that they have no plans to ACTUALLY do it??

I am SO SO SO tired of hearing things come out of my husband's mouth and then 30 minutes later it's like he never said them. Below are several examples.


1) The one I've been hearing for a couple of months now is that he's going to work on the pond tomorrow or this weekend. Even didn't go into work for 4 days because he was upset with a customer. He could have worked on it and had it done well within that time as the weather was nice. It was his idea to have this pond and worked on it last year, but everything went downhill because he didn't take care of it so he had to empty it and dig it out some more. He started digging it out but that ceased after a day. He's had probably 20 nice days where he wasn't working that he could have done it. Even tells me he could finish it in a day. Yet every time I come home form work all he's done its sit and play his video game and drink beer. Tells me all he wants to do is chill out on his days off. So why do you say you'll work on the pond day after day, not to mention keep telling me you need to fix both our trucks and never do it? Then the rainy season will start soon and he'll say "Well I guess I can't work on the pond now due to the crappy weather. Thanks summer!" Like he never had the opportunity up until that point to do it and now he can't!


2) We went out 2 Wednesday's ago and didn't get home until about 11:30 that night. He goes on the computer onto Facebook and sends his daughter a message saying "Want to go to sushi?". That's it. Keep in mind that she is 3 1/2 hours away and he hasn't seen her in over 2 months. He is also somewhat drunk and probably thought this was a great thing to say. He didn't tell me he wrote her this, I just snooped on his Facebook as I often do. She responds the following morning "Sounds good. Do you want to go to the same place we did last time you came down?" He goes "Sure" and then says "I'll try and come down this weekend, but if not then definitely next weekend." He had to work that entire weekend so I don't know why he even said that. He had the following weekend off so I thought he'd go down then. Nope. Didn't go down, didn't tell me he even planned on it, and never even told her he wasn't going to come down. There hasn't been any communication since that last message about him coming down.


3) Last Thursday it was extremely hot. Too hot to cook. He got home and said "What's for dinner?" I said "Why don't we order a pizza?" He said "That sounds great!" About 20 minutes later I hop on the laptop to order it and he comes out and says "What ARE you doing?" really sarcastically. I say "I'm ordering the pizza we talked about. Is that OKAY??" He goes "I don't think pizza is going to cut it. It's too hot for that". You JUST told me pizza sounded great and now you act like I'm out of my mind for ordering it! I go "Okay what if I make some macaroni salad?" He shrugged his shoulders and said "Whatever." I said "Well what would you prefer?" He goes "Whatever you want to eat". I will eat whatever, YOU are the one who had a hissy fit about the pizza YOU previously said sounded great!"


Why on earth do they say these things? They obviously have no plans of every following through!