Do They Tell You It's Over?

Not sure if this is the right section. I have been in a long distance relationship with  a man with ADHD for almost a year now. Since it is long distance and I would only see him physically once a month or every two months. I didn't really pay too much attention to his flaky behaviors. It was more of a companionship thing for both of us really. We both have some intimacy issues going on and both were working on ourselves after failed marriages. So the set up was perfect. We'd mainly text/email/call most days.

Anyway, I'd always hoped I guess that eventually, we would work out our personal issues and come together properly. He always said I handled him better than anyone ever has. I am a classic enabler :/ And, he would tell me he loves me many times daily. He'd have a melt down now and then where he was moving to another city. Starting a new job. Going back to Uni. Selling his house. Starting a new job. Always, a new project. I would just keep busy and wait for him to get in touch again during this time. It'd never be for more than a week or so. 

Recently, I'd noticed he was getting more and more frustrated. Not with me but usually himself or just his life in general. To the point he now has told me that he needs to get away, from all means of communication. At least for a while. Well now, this is a bit different to what I'm used to and made me panic somewhat. Especially since, it's now been two weeks since I've heard anything from him at all and this time I just get a sense that he's gone. When I normally think of him, its like I feel him but now it's like  he's not there. If that makes any sense? I haven't tried to call him. I find it's better to leave him to come to me but inside I worry that this time, he won't be coming back.

Writing this out now I feel like perhaps there was nothing really ever between us anyway. Except a certain amount of emotional investment on my part. I don't even know what I'm doing here. I guess I just want to know if guys with ADHD (without generalising) just get up and go without defining that it's OVER. Or if I can expect him to contact me again. Or if I should swallow my pride and contact him. Or after reading some of the stories here, I should count my lucky stars that nothing ever really got started. I love him though. Ugh.