Do you even like to travel with your ADHD spouse?

I find that every trip that sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun, ends up being the worst time ever! We've gone to Vancouver from Seattle on the train 3 times now. Each time we were there for only 1 night. And each time the trip home was H fuming about something! The amount of walking we had to do when we should have gotten a cab, me not knowing where to go (because "I" was supposed to have had it all figured out). Every time he goes motorcycle racing for a weekend and wants (begs!) me to come along because it's "so much nicer when I'm there" he ends up yelling at me because I am not helping him or I'm not doing things right. Simply just going out for a night turns into him road raging on other cars because "nobody" knows how to drive. Now he wants to go to L.A. for a weekend. Tells me how much fun it will be. Yeah you wanna bet? He won't make any plans or reservations because he's waiting for ME to do it. He wants ME to figure out what to do when we're there because as he says "I LIKE to do that". No I don't! It's because HE won't do it! Then it will come down to "Well I guess we aren't going to go because you don't seem interested in making any reservations." Just like I've heard for months now about how we should go camping. Sure, but YOU make the plans. I want to go on a trip and not have to worry about anything. Not get yelled at because I don't know where we're going. Not freak out because I told him to turn right instead of left and now it's my fault we're lost. I have the chance to go to travel abroad for free where I work and he comes along for $100 a day. Sounds great right? Wrong! He would be super uptight and it wouldn't be fun at all! I"d probably be in tears within 24 hours!