Do you tell your boss you have ADHD?

My husband suffered heat exhaustion while on the job a couple of weeks ago and ended up in the ER.   Since he was on the job at the time of the heat exhaustion, he was given a drug test.  The drug test came back positive for amphetamines. Well, since he takes Adderall for ADHD and since Adderall is an amphetamine, he was fired last Wednesday.  His supervisor who fired him was very professional and even though my husband explained that he takes this medication for ADHD, since there was no documentation in his file, he was still let go. The company had no choice but to follow through with the termination.  His supervisor told him to appeal this and he has already filed an appeal and sought  help from the company ombudsman. (this was this past Thursday and Friday).  His doctor also wrote a letter stating that he has ADHD and his medication.

Now we are waiting...and waiting...and the fear and disappointment builds.   I feel confident that this will be resolved--eventually--however, it is now 4 days that he has not worked.  That begins to add up, especially when the bills keep coming in.

So, the moral of this story? To tell or not to tell, your boss that you have ADHD?  I told my husband when he interviewed for this job that he needed to be upfront about his ADHD.  He said he was embarrassed and did not want to tell them. He drives a truck, so he is subjected to random drug tests anyway, so this was my reasoning for him to disclose this to his boss.  Now here we are. In a big mess and while I try not to get mad, it's very hard.  The American's with Disability Act (ADA signed into law 1990) protects people with ADHD in the workforce from unlawful discrimination, but there has to be disclosure so they will know! This has been a lot of my husband's problem with his ADHD.  Denial at first. Embarrassment--not wanting to be diagnosed with a "disorder."  But he has finally started to accept his diagnosis and is taking his meds regularly.

Talk about the irony!  I know there is a lesson in this somewhere, but it's kind of hard to see it right now!