Do your friends/family understand?

Anyone else here feel like friends/family have absolutely no clue what we deal with, or think we are being petty or exaggerating?  I was just talking to a friend who's husband is an alcoholic.  She is trying to get him to go to AA and to get help for depression.  We were talking and it finally dawned on her what I have been going through.  We both realized how similar our situations are.  Until this conversation, I think she thought I was just bitching and moaning about a perfectly nice husband.  I get the impression from family that they think I am really hard on my husband.  He is an incredibly sweet person who does whatever I tell him to do.  But they see it as me bossing him around.  They don't see that if I don't tell him what he needs to do, that it won't ever get done. 

I have learned over the years to keep his ineptness on the down low or I just come off looking like an evil witch.  Feels like I am hiding the fact that my husband has a neurological disorder and that I am doing the best I can to survive within it.