Doctor fo my ADD son

My 13 year old son was diagnosed with ADD by a psychiatrist, but the doctor doesn't really specialize in children or ADD.  His knowledge of medications for kids seemed very limited. 

Do I let my son be treated by his pediatrician for his ADD or is there a different type of specialist I should be looking for?

I have one child that has

I have one child that has ADHD that is treated by a psychiatrist because he has more issues that just ADHD, depression, anxiety, ODD....maybe aspergers, not sure on that yet.  My other child is treated by our pediatrician, he only has ADD.  Depending on the knowledge of your pediatrician that may be all you need.  Our pediatrician was not comfortable treating my one son that has more difficulty than just ADHD.  I saw that no one replied to your post and assume by now you have found a Dr. for your son ????