We are always told that if you have a problem, go see your doctor. What do we do when the doctor becomes the problem?

My husband decided about 6 months ago to go to his doctor and find out if he really has ADD. After a lot of questions and test, the doctor agreed, it is probably ADD. Everything fits. So when my husband then asked to be sent to a psychologist or some kind of specialist, the doctor actually got mad! He started ranting about how annoying peolpe with ADD and ADHD is, how they should all just stop being like that. He said it was no need to be sent to anyone, because there was no need for medication or treatment. He said ADD/ADHD is no problem, it's just a bad habit, that peolpe with ADD can be just as focused as anybody else. And tried to end the discussion with "you just have to get over it, get over yourself and just change!"     What the f***!?

But my husband didn't give up (I'm proud of him for that), and demanded to be sent to a psychologist, and the doctor finally agreed. He would send over the papers and stuff right away, and we would get a letter from a psychologist within a few weeks. We basicly lived by the mailbox after that, waiting for the letter that would finally start a good change in our life. But the letter never came... So my husband had to call his doctor again, to find out why it was all taking so long. And the doctor just said "ok, I'll send the papers now". So he never sent the papers at all! 

It has now been about 3 weeks, and once again we're waiting by the mailbox... Waiting for a letter that may never come...

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You're Fired!

"What do we do when the doctor becomes the problem?"

Find a new doctor?



Well, it's not that easy.

Well, it's not that easy. Here in Norway we get assigned a doctor. We have the opportunity to get a new one, but that process takes time. And we can only change 2 times a year. This is his New Doctor...