Does the ADHD spouse really only think of themselves?


I do so many things to help my husband...from organizing, to cleaning, cooking, working, supporting, etc.  But it seems that he is very selfish.  I mean I don't see anything extra that is done for me, no presents on non holidays, so small gestures, no back rubs (that is 2 much work and attention), nothing that shows me he cares for me, yet if I try 2 leave, OMG!  He cries and says he loves me soooo much, and can't see his life without me.  Now, are people with ADHD just dense when it comes to the actual "showing of deep feelings part" or "doing selfless things for others" because the usual ways that I understand someone loves me, I just don't see it with my husband.  Unless I do something drastic like threaten to leave.