Does anyone else know that you/your ADHD spouse has ADHD? Extended family? Friends?

Do others know about your or your spouse's ADHD?  Is this something you willingly told them?  Does the ADHDer like people to know or keep it a secret?  What kinds of reactions have you received from people finding out?


My husband has known he's had ADD for almost a year now, but still hasn't 100% accepted it.  He's done zero research on it and only knows what I've told him (I've educated myself a good bit including reading Dr Hallowell's book).  But he doesn't want anyone at all to know about his ADD.  Which I understand to an extent, it's not something to brag about.  I don't go bragging about my depression.  But several people, mostly extended family, would be able to understand his behavior so much more if they knew.  And wouldn't hold some of it personally.  But it's up to him who we tell.  The only person that knows besides me and him is my mother and that's only because she lives with us.  Maybe no one will ever know, who knows. 

I'm curious how this is for others.