Does anyone have experience with medication affecting empathy and other feelings?

I am new in here. So I'm sorry if this has been discussed a lot before. I am curious to hear if anyone has any experience with medication and if it effects empathy? My husband lacks affective empathy and perspective taking. It has lead to a lot of pain and hurt feelings. He has this need to be completely honest and open. And will say "it's just who I am". He's not purposfully mean, but it does lead to deeply hurt feelings when he needs to express what his thoughts and feelings are and they are often very negative towards me. Or he even expresses how he feels about other women etc. He gets frustrated and sad when I feel hurt, and he is confused and doesn't know what to do because "it's who I am, and I don't know how I can do things differently while at the same time being authentic". He also struggles a lot with getting in touch with his emotions and will often just say he doesn't know what and how he feels. Most of his feelings are negative. Like frustration, irritation, resentment etc. He seems to almost never feel happiness or love etc. He is untreated, but is being diagnosed. So my question is: Do you as a partner or someone with ADHD yourself have any experience with increase in empathy, getting in touch with feelings and/or feeling more positive feelings like love and happiness when finally medicated?