Does anyone’s spouse just argue for no reason?

My husband is undiagnosed, but everything about ADD sums him up.

Lately, more and more, he argues about everything, usually if he's in a bad mood, drunk or in front of people!  He will argue that the sky is "atom-coloured", if he could!

Bad mood - He decided to text me, his first language is not English, so the whole message was gibberish.  I tried to get him to explain what he was saying,  He said "Don't worry about it", but I was curious about what he was trying to say, he tried to explain.  I found that the spelling of one word threw out the comprehension, the word sounded similar - but had a different spelling hence meaning.  I tried explaining this, but he said I was being patronising and should have let it go, but I don't want him to look stupid in front of others saying things incorrectly.  He was angry, because his job wasn't going as expected, so instead of just explaining it to me, we ended up in a row.  Oh, apparently the text was a joke, who knew???  

Drunk - I can't remember any specifics, but he's often rowed with me over things he perceives are "correct" in his view.  The row usually involves minor details facts, and my man can't remember things from last night!

Just argumentative - I was telling a group about how he constantly tossed and turned during sleep, but then he added, that I did exactly the same.  The other couple kind of sniggered at us.  I am restless if I can't sleep, but once asleep, I don't toss and turn, we even spoke about this before.  I few months later, I asked him if I did in fact sleep like this, he said no, but he had to contradict me, why???  He can't explain any of this behaviour.  It's not like the story was embarrassing or anything, he just had to do it.

I am at the point where I don't care if we talk, I don't know what will push him into a row.  He's a long distance trucker, so not home often, right now, I don't want him home!