Does this happen to you or am I just plain crazy??

I found this site after asking my husband what he was reading on his phone, he wouldnt tell me so I looked myself, and found that he was reading an article from here about being married to someone with ADHD.. I was diagnosed with it when I was a child, but I also had a very hard home life with an alcoholic mother and acreditted alot of my childhood abnormalities to that. I made horrible grades in most subjects and then would have the highest grade in the class in others, my parents just thought I was lazy and only cares about what interested me. I have always had a very very hard time keeping up with things, always wanted to, would make attempts, even as a young child, to hyper organize myself and "start all over" with work folders, my locker, drawers, my room, I would organize it all to a T and tell myself I will do better this time, I also had many teachers intervien and do the same, within weeks or even days it would return to a chaotic mess, crumpled papers misplaced homework and books, dirty clothes everywhere, makeup in the underwear drawer and underwear, well became optional because most of the time I couldn't find it... As an adult, wife and mother of 3, a similar pattern has followed just on a much more domestic scale, laundry piles up, I will spend hours one day doing 7+ loads only to not put it all away and have to start all over because I don't know what's what, dishes pile up faster than I can clean them, I forget to eat, brush my teeth, take a shower or anything simi normal most days. I feel absolutely out of control, my attempts to try to gain it back are short lived and I end up feeling more defeated than before... My husband is at his whits end with me, he is very organized and likes things clean, he will ask me to do simple things and moat of the time I get so busy they slip my mind, the car is a mess, the house is presentable at first glance but everything except his designated areas, every drawer, every closet, everything is a disorganized mess, I want to just throw everything away except what we absolutely need to survive to make things easier but I know more will replace it and what little I would have would somehow find itself a mess as well. He gets upset with me because he doesn't understand how everything gets this way. I really don't have a logical explanation for him either, i just feel like it just the normal every day crazy that happens, and I was too exhausted at the end of the day to fix it. I can never find anything, I get so frustrated with myself, why is it so hard to just put things back in the same place every time???!!!! Seems easy enough, but the keys are in the laundry room, my bank card is Ina pocket somewhere my license... Um good question, I'm running out the door late as usual, get everyone in the car and head down the road to realize I don't have my phone or the diaper bag, at this point I want to cry, and do often.. I see other people and wonder why is everything so much easier for them, what am I doing wrong? What is wrong with me, why is every day life sooooo ridiculously hard?? I feel like a discombobulated mess all the time... I want to help my husband I want to do my job, when he mentions things to me I automatically try to do them right then and he says no, stop, you don't need to do that now, but why is it like this in the first place?? (trash piles in the car, old food in the babies carseat, no telling what's growing underneath the kids booster seats) things like this are, I won't say normal because I know it's not, I'll use a regular occurrence, and I hate it!! Please, anyone and everyone feel free to share, i just want to understand what's going on with me and why, in hopes that I can one day have a "normal" life..