Does he really not get it or is it retaliation against me?

My (ADHD) husband left nearly four months ago. He filed for divorce in early October and served me with the papers November 1.  Since mid October he has given me just over $100 for child/spousal support. I have retained an attorney and filed for court ordered child and spousal support last week.   He told me that one of the reasons he didn't give me money is so he can rent an apartment.  He is renting a room in a house now.  During this time he has bought our son a new iPhone (and a tablet for himself) and had his computer repaired so our son could have a faster computer for gaming. I have a very small business I run from home and I am paying the bills as I make money. I am also substitute teaching which is sporadic and I only get paid once a month. I am late on a few bills but keeping the lights on at least. Some of these are our joint bills including a credit card and auto insurance.  I just don't get it.  He has money to buy and fix gadgets but he doesn't have money to contribute to the running of the household in which his son lives?  The ironic thing is that one of the things he accused me of is being obsessed with money (because I worried about his spending habits ALL of the time) but he is making sure he is holding on to his money.  The amount of child and spousal support he proposed in the divorce petition is laughable.  He also wants joint/half custody but is blowing his money instead of finding a place to live. I think he will have a rude awakening when we reach mediation.  I don't want bad things to come to him but at some point you do reap what you sow.

On the other hand, I have realized after 29 years that I could no longer live with this man apart from an intervention from God.  God and only God could change the situation.