Does this sound like something an ADD-er would do?

Back out of the driveway and hit the car of a guest even though you knew very well that the car was back there?  DH did this today - this is entirely a new one.  He said he knew it was there but he was thinking about something he backed right into it.

Do you think this might be ADD related - or is this something that could happen to anyone.  I backed out of the garage this morning without hitting the guest's car....

backing into a car in the driveway

This actually happened in our family.  My son's piano teacher was parked in front of my garage when I came home, so I parked in front of the center garage door.  Later that day, my wife backed her car out of her garage (the third bay with no car behind it).  She ran into something, but thinking it was just a plastic garbage can, continued to back out.  By the time she was done, she had completely caved in the rear door of my car and creased the rear quarter panel, leaving behind crumpled sheet metal and a long bright red paint streak on my lovely white benz.

My response?  I surveyed the damage, and then opened my car's trunk (yes, it still opened) to pull out the bouquet of flowers I had bought for her the day before but had forgotten to give to her.  They were a little worse for the wear, but not as bad as my car.

We both laughed.

BTW, My wife is (the) Melissa, who does not have a spec of ADHD in her, and this happened about a decade ago.

Thanks for the giggle

Thanks for the giggle George..

I totally feel this is probably just something that could happen to anyone. Although 'statistics' show that ADD people have more accidents and violations (my husband is living proof that this doesn't apply to ALL) I really think this is just 'one of those things'. My sister does neighbor backed into my car once becasue it was parked along the road, somewhere he wasn't used to my car being. It happens.

*whistles innocently*

I've done this. And several other minor accidents accidents that have happened because I've gotten distracted by something.  By contrast, my ADD has never had an at-fault accident and has only had one accident involving another car.  In my defense I've driven small cars all my life - I now drive a 7 seater wagon and after 2 years still have trouble adapting my parking/turn area for the larger car. (That's my story and I'm sticking with it!) 

oh yes!

In just three years there have been several "incidents". Fortunately nothing major, but backing into a (stationary) car in a parking lot, nudging a car on a 2 lane road, hitting a lamppost while backing out, and so on.  I'm just happy we neither share a car nor finances (although one of these incidents was on my car and  he hasn't gotten it fixed yet).

Yep... definitely

My dad did this to my car several years ago.  I was in the driveway talking to him before he left and gave a quick reminder that my car was to his right so he should be careful when pulling out.  I went in the house and not more than 2 minutes later, he came into the house apologizing about something and my mom when into hysterics (she doesn't handle ADHDers too well).  It was then I found out.  He'd pushed the left half of my front end in about 3 inches.  By the way it looked, it seemed like he hit my car very slowly and when his van stopped moving, he just kept pushing it until it moved.  Not a crash, but a subtle, slow smash.  As if his van was just being stubborn and didn't want to move.  He was thoroughly shocked that he'd hit my car!  So, yes, it's definitely an ADHD thing.

A funny side note:  My husband (also has ADHD) once hit a utility pole because he was distracted.  The pole came out of the ground, landed on the car and smashed it to hell.  The body shop guys couldn't believe he came out alive, let alone, unscathed.  And people wonder why I have control issues with driving. ;)

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ADD and ADHD are differant

their are 3 types ADD i am a woman with ADD i take vyvance for the ADD i clean house i raise dogs i take care of them well i do the grooming and bathing my dad is a vet he gives them their shots i also mowe the lawn i cook i own rent houses take care of them we cows and horses my husband helps with them but i do grooming and bathing the dogs mowe and weed eat cook clean there is a lot non add women that would not get out and help there husband work cows build barbwire fence and bailhay i help my husband with the cows ,hay ,and building barbwire to me my husband works a full time job he is a engineer he pays the bills he should not have to  chores ADD people should thank about others need to learn to better there self but no ones purfect

My spin on the "Driveway"...

I definitely think ADD can render the assist in this situation. I was diagnosed with ADD about a year and a half ago, so I have some pretty vivid "Before Adderall, After Adderall" memories.

Before Adderall just to keep my sanity I relied on "Everything Has a Place" at the house. Driveway included... Auto-Pilot for things that I don't need to remember or think about, because I can only track so much in my short term memory.

So backing out of my drive way was easy. I park on the right side in the garage, Car 2 on the left side of the garage and Car 3 on the left side of the driveway behind Car 2. A Random Variable, like a Car 4 could be a real problem. I have been at fault in one wreck in my entire 29 years of driving, and I would argue this incident of course :-). I have had several backup incidents during this time, about 4 I think...

After Adderall I think my situational awareness is improved by 1000%. I am really aware of what is behind me when my foot comes off the brake. My brain is not nearly as frantic as it used to be.

Be careful out there :-)




I can only speak from my own

I can only speak from my own ADD experience that I have had several fender benders because I was distracted. The first 2 years or so after i got my license I was in an accident almost exactly every 6 mos. Most of those were because of time distance miscalculation. I now know that i am not very good calculating time distance and wait longer at stop signs and use street lights whenever possible even if it means take the long way to get to my destination. Now I can say with those precautions in place its been about 15 years since my last accident.

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i only have had 5  fender

i only have had 5  fender benders 2 to where my fault i was ina blind spot on one i backed in to a car iwas backing up out of a parking spot and the car was pulling up the ones that where not my fault i live right off busy highway was turning a lady ran in to the back of my car it can happen to anyone add or not