Doesn’t Listen / Frustrating

I can literally be sitting here right next to wife and ask her a question and I swear she never hears what I said. Instead of her saying " can you repeat that" she answers back or swears i never said what I said. 

She never tells me what I'm supposed to know no matter how important it is. Always last minute with everything. She has no motivation since she got layed off from her job and just sits in the house daily in her phone playing games on it. In my mind you could be using this time to look for a job. When I say something about it she gets offended and says "you don't know what I'm doing" when clearly I can see what your doing which is nothing! Wasting time and getting on my nerves so bad I'm at the point where I just have nothing to say anymore. 

I cannot motivate her at all and really don't want to entertain her nonsense anymore. Sometimes you have to motivate yourself! Anyone have any suggestions for me?