Doesn't know how much he makes, his phone number etc.

Is it "normal" for folks with ADHD to be checked out of their own lives? My husband has no interest in our life -- no interest in our child, either. He can't remember my phone number or his. He can't tell time on an analog clock. He doesn't always remember our postal code. He could not tell you how much money he makes or which is gross and which is net. He takes no responsibility in filing claim forms for insurance, checking prices, doing paperwork, etc. All the everyday stuff, he's checked out. It's like he is about 8 years old with not a care in the world at all. What IS that????

I am 41 years old and exhausted. I just want someone I can have an adult conversation with, who hears and respects me and who wants to partner together. Who is interested in their child's drawings, school work, accomplishments. Someone who can smile when their child says something funny instead of looking like a statue.

I am so depressed.