Doing the right thing

This kind of goes along with my other post that i put up. How do i get my wife to understand that I really would llike to be with her and enjoy the times that we used to have together before she got tired of me being around her, hovering as she called it. It seems as though everytime i feel that it is going good, i make a "bonehead" move, meaning i can't just be happy with the fact that things are going good and trying to want more. Getting an inch and taking a mile is the term she has used. I am trying to build on everything. I guess that my biggest problem is that i am trying to move too quickly and not give her time to....... not really sure how what word goes there. If I have been hyperfocusing on her, as it seems as that is what one of the, if not biggest issue and now it is to the point where it is not good, would it be wrong to sit down and write a letter or put it in words to give to her about how i feel. I know that she knows but I have the need to tell her. Or would this be a classic sign ( which i think is correct) of not being able to leave it alone and trying to push it. Meaning that i am just going back and repeating myself and going in a vicious cycle. I had this all planned out before but can't how i was going to write it, i think this is pretty good though for now.....Any thoughts???