After months of trying and realizing how futile it is to get a wife who hates your ADHD was to see you as anything but an idiot, I have asked for a separation. We still live together and our child is not aware if he break. Its a little awkward but I think better than before. Here are ten reasons why: 1) Renewed intimacy. Before I stupidly went about life hoping that I can somehow miraculously earn affection and sex by not being myself for long enough. Now I can relax and if a woman finds me attractive I can pursue. about half a dozen women seem interested. I feel like a man again. 2) Clearer mind space. Spending all my time caring what my wife thinks limited my already cramp attention span. I literally got no work done since even when on ADD drugs I spent so much time trying to impress a woman how hated me more than anyone else in her life. Now all we do is plan how to pay bills. My mind is relaxed. 3) More self respect. No matter what effect ADHD has I know I am not an idiot. I actually am smarter than average and have a successful role as a salesman at work and a demanding role I do well in the military reserves. With no wife to embarrass me in public or berate me 24/7, the truth that I am worthy of breathing air is easier to see. I was getting worried I'd just shoot myself one day - now, even with no meds its honestly the last thing from my mind. 4) Better parenting. My wife seems to respect me more now. I initiated this separation and we are both diligently doing our jobs at parenting. Less fighting and less tension means a happier child and more work-like cooperation with another adult that you don't have to express any feeling towards We have yet to define the details of what this arrangement means. She has been avoiding the discussion only insisting I move out and give her all my paycheck of course (I am the breadwinner) . No thanks. I'm still a parent and we still have limited resources. Lets be roommates and define what that means. Let's see if her non-ADD mind can work with me to answer that question.