Dont know what to do.

Let me just start out by saying I don't even know if I fit into this site. I as a child was diagnosised with ADD and dyslexia. I did well as a threw High School and collage. Things fell apart fast Post Cancer. Its bad. I cant think, I cant remember anything, my mind is in constant fog. List, tasks, events, faces all but disappear in to haze. My wife and I are close to the end. I now suffer from extreme anger issues and frustration. I say incredibly hurt full things that I don't mean but uncontrollably come out when we fight. I Don't know what related to what. My wife tells me I make no cents I cant communicate. Yet I hear it just find. I tried going back to my old doc. But he no longer takes insurance and magically knows no one else in the field who can help. I cant control my anger, my thoughts, my mind. Depression is starting to set in. The oncologist don't care. As long as the cancer stays away there happy. Everything else is collaterally damage to them. I have regressed so much I can't even take it. I dont even know where to begin. I went to school for chemistry, physics and bio. yet now I cant remember anything. 

The fights with the wife are the worst. I cant let things go. All the wounds feel fresh all the time. I go from 0 too 10 in a flash. I dont know if its related or a separate issue. But I thought I would throw it out there.