Don't want to be alone for the Christmas.

My ADHD husband is crazy! I am so focused on work and my kids that I don't have any room for any sad moments or any chaos right now,is that so hard for him to comprehend?

He is selfish and only thinks of himself. If I am having a stress day at home or work or if my kids did something wrong to up set me he wants nothing to do with that,and really it's the emotional support I am looking for nothing else,and I don't have that PERIOD!!! His days are more important and his career and mines is what ruining our relationship according to him.I have to take care of my kids and I can't live with him because my business is at home and I have all and every thing going my way and that have him very very insecure and jealous.In a nut shell he is claiming to be a perfect husband and I am a bad wife because I can't live with him.I have news for him,I DON'T want to live with him because he is always,DEPRESS,ANXIOUS,JEALOUS,MOODY,ANGRY,CRAZY,DELUSIONAL,MYSTERIOUS,AND VERY VERY SECRETIVE.

I f we have a bad fall out for something,he would jump in his car and go to work and sometimes stay until 10 at nights and when I asked him he would say"I was working",and when he don't answer his phone for four hours at a time and more he would say "because I was upset with you today and I don't want to answer your calls".So then why only answer it when you reach at home and not before,He brings insecurities to the table and today when I questioned his whereabouts he says to me that I am interrogating him.

I am no fool,looks like I am to still be with him,after the holidays I am calling it off.

I am filing for divorce.