The doors flew open today !

Today was our first visit with a 2nd LMHC, in this new cycle of 'seeing someone' to try to find ourselves a path to improve our relationship, and immediately this counselor heard the familiar complaints of ADHD-affected marriages.  She began finishing our sentences for us!  I could not believe it! My wife was excited that here was a person who could relate.  Someone who seemed to know her mind (my wife's), yet we only just met.  

We had previously only vaguely considered ADHD as being a cause for any of the issues, as no other counselor had thought that way.  But hearing the symptoms from someone who lives with it, someone who counsels it, "someone who knows", gave both of us HOPE.  Enough so that, already, I know that I will be thanking her for the rest of my life.  

The counselor recommended this site.  We just can't believe that our experiences are already here to read.  

Thank you thank you  thank you!! 

I remain hopeful, as the the doors flew open today and I can see light!  

Thank you thank you thank you!!​