Drama triangle

I'd be interested in feedback on the ideas in this article.  i can see myself in this dynamic.



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Drama Triangle

Thanks for that link! I think that was an incredible article. I rarely print anything out off the computer to re-read, but printed this out right away. It is so true, and impacts people not only in family settings, but even in one-to-one relationships, at work, school (i've seen kids relate to their peers in the classroom according to the triangle theory in that article. I'll be reading that one a few times.

Long article

I couldn't get through it all but did recognize myself there. It is familiar territory as I grew up in a family dynamic very similar to the one I am living in now as described in the article. Yeah, I'm the one with the self help books. At least I can feel like I'm learning and moving forward even though no body around here wants to come with me. sigh

Very academic approach, a bit dry but, I'm tired...