Dressed "UP" smelling like roses and gone out!!!!

Well somehow DH is in action!!!! I find it irritably annoying that he felt the need to dress "UP" smelling like roses and gone out!!! but my question is where did he go??? he said the house is making him sick so he is going to the casino to vent,I asked him if he wanted me to accompany him, he said no!!! "you have to work tomorrow"well forgive me if I am wrong but everyone has to work tomorrow, it was clear that he did not want me with him, and he wanted to go alone.But we were fighting since Friday and Sunday we sort of ration things out,so I thought he "would"or "should" be missing me but clearly he is not,but he was moving really odd tonight and acting upon his ways to just get me out his way!! I guess he is on his own mission to accomplish what ever he is after,I hope he really is at the casino and no where else,it is not like him to leave me and go out without me,this is different,but I guess this was coming up too along with many other disturbing things,OMG!!! what's next!!!! tell me I am wrong please!!!