My husband, whom I suspect has ADHD, DESPISES having to drive long distances.  I mean even a one hour trip out of town.  Is this an ADHD symptom?  If I am the one driving, then it is fine for him because he can play on his ipad.  Another issue we had was a few occasions when he was driving in a different city where we didn't know where everything was, I had the map and was giving him directions.  He got so easily frustrated, I would direct him when to turn and which way, and he wouldn't listen, then we'd end up going the wrong way, he would start to show anger and yell and start to blame me that I didn't direct him soon enough etc.  

We have had at least three or four instances the past few months driving and him getting so mad and angry and we start to yell at each other.  I am desperate to stop this negative interactions because we want to start a family soon. There is no way I want to be raising voices in front of children. It seems like he is quick to anger, blame and start to yell!  Is this ADHD?  Or just anger problems.  I have started to read Melissa's book and we both recognize other symptoms he has. But just wondering if this driving thing could be a symptom.