Driving me crazy!

Okay, I've just gotta vent about driving, the rules of the road or just sitting in the car!

A few weeks ago, my ADD husband pulled out in front of a car that had the right of way. The intersection was congested and I was watching for a spot to ease into but then he sees this car slowing down and decides to pull out in front of it. The car was headed for my side and you can bet I got a bit nervous, braced myself and stammered "wait, what ah, oh, no you should not be..." I can't believe that driver (who clearly had the right of way) didn't lay on the horn! Well you know he started yelling "Don't you tell me how to drive! I know damn well what I'm doing!" etc. etc... I was holding my ground and told him anyone who knew anything about the rules of the road would say that was a bad move! What? He didn't see the car coming right at me!? Shook me up!

Now yesterday, I'm in the driver's seat and actually, I'm not even driving. We're stuck in a crowded parking lot. People are coming and going and it's very congested so we're just sitting there and he decides to get angry and snarl that I'm too close to the car in front of me. Are you serious? Is this a real problem? Is someone in danger? Is there a legal limit to the space allowed between cars in this situation? Well you know, I had to tell him he can't tell me how to drive, so now I've really pissed him off and he says that's why I have dents on my car (What? You mean the dents from when my car was parked in the bad neighborhood I was thankful to have a part time job in since you completely ruined our finances?) He always likes to have the last word by telling me I've got some kind of problem as he shakes his head and rolls his eyes. Double standard?

So, yeah, I guess I have a problem dealing with him in the car makes me crazy! Gggrrrr...

From very early on my husband

From very early on my husband insisted on driving everywhere...I just figured it had something to do with him being in the passengers seat..not 'in control' but I didn't mind. For many years I bit my tongue when he would clear out ditches, almost hit mailboxes, drive 45 in a 55, follow behind someone doing 35 in a 55 for ten minutes before realizing we were BARELY moving, etc. If he saw something and looked at it, the car would go in the direction of his eyes...scared me more than once.

Now, many years later, he speeds constantly...pays very little attention to how fast he's going, gets pissed if I tell him he's speeding (in areas where we have speed cameras and where police are well known to run radar), and has actually pulled over and made me drive the rest of the way home. He pulled right out in front of someone yesterday on our way to church...but knew immediately what he had done, said he looked, but said he guessed he didn't look close enough. He has gotten 2 speeding tickets in the last 6 months...the first he's gotten in our 13 years of marriage.

Doesn't Melissa have a blog about this in her 'favorites' section? Since he's critical of your driving, I don't guess suggesting you could just drive would help avoid the fighting either. His risking your personal safety is not acceptable. I wish I had some advice...maybe Melissa's blog will give you some useful tips? It is apparently a common issue, not that it makes you feel any better.

((hugs)) Sherri

oh, that's where it is!

I knew there was a driving section here some where but, it's been a while and after looking around a bit I assumed it was too far back. I'll have to check that, maybe I'll repost there. Thanks Sherri! It's still good to vent and commiserate...