Effects of Poor Memory

I would love some guidance on this topic.  I totally get that my husband has poor working memory and short term memory.  Here is my dilemma...How do you do LIFE with someone who has poor memory when the consequences of that poor memory can effect you in some big ways.  I try not to involve my husband in things that need to be done that if he forgets would impact me too much.  Not only is that very challenging when you are supposed to share life with someone but it also puts a lot more stress and responsibility on me.  That aside, sometimes he does things completely out of my control and it still effects me.  For example, he "helped" by putting some clothes in the laundry that I had set aside to do but hadn't gotten to yet.  Because he didn't think to check what was in it, he put 3 pairs of my jeans in the dryer on high heat and shrunk them.  Might not seem like a big deal but I don't shop for myself much and I had just bought one or two of them and they were expensive as far as jeans go.  Another example, our dog has diabetes and we have to give him insulin twice a day.  I had left early this particular morning and my husband gave the dog the insulin.  BUT he left it out on the counter and I didn't find it until I got home a few hours later...when it is out at room temperature too long it denatures and is no longer any good.  So in addition to what I still had to do that day, I also had to find time to go to the vet before dinner to get more insulin.  It was not even a consideration to ask my husband to do that because there was still a very good chance he would forget and I would be scrambling sometime later to do it.  These are just some SMALL examples of how the memory issues effect me/us.  I just can't see how you can do life with someone who can't remember things or doesn't think of things that impact the other person, sometimes in a very big way.    I feel very hopeless and would love to hear some stories on how some of you handle this...some strategies, programs...anything that can give me a little hope that this is doable.

Thank you,