Embarrassed by ADD partner?

I've been dating my ADD ex-husband. I thought he'd changed, and I've been very impressed at the way he's gotten his life together.  This week we went together to a 3-day workshop...being with him around other people all day for three days, I was reminded of a few of the things I didn't like about him. I felt that he was obnoxious...he repeatedly made very disparaging remarks about a certain political party (completely out of context of the conversation...just thrown in as an insult to that political party). Most of the comments he made were snarky and cynical; he didn't contribute in any positive way. Then, we were preparing food with the other people, and he was mixing something with his hands, licked his fingers (not just a simple taste...stuck his fingers one by one in his mouth and sucked on them), then put his hands back in the food. He did this repeatedly. Even I (who have already shared any germs he has) was disgusted by it. He also has a cough, and has been coughing right in my face at very close range; he doesn't back off or turn his head.

Do I need to talk to him about these things? This is where we got into trouble before. He's 54 years old and I am NOT his mother. I'm quickly losing the respect I have for him; he can't even be taken out in public without embarrassing me. HE is not embarrassed...I've never known him to be embarrassed by any of his rude or strange behaviors in the 30+ years I've known him. But he was so rude that I wanted to pretend that I didn't know him.