Hi I am a 23 year old guy I'm struggling to understand and control my ADHD I am on the edge of loosing my girlfriend. She's doesn't understand about It and how it effects my life or are relationship. She's not talking to me and she's saying it's over but I think she's going to give me one lasts chance if I give her space but I am struggling to keep my distance. I no she loves me but need time to calm down but I need help understanding and controlling my ADHD please help 

Read the book

Hi Luke-

You and your girlfriend should both read Melissa's book--it's a great starting point. And it's wonderful that you're willing to learn about your ADHD.

hi am in the middle of

hi am in the middle of reading it but my girfriend and i arnt talking shes very angry with because of whats happend between us and has said thats its over but strongly feel that she has said that because shes very angry and she needs her space we have been together for 2 1/2 years and i love her and i no deep down she loves  me and she hates me at the moment due to whats going on i just hope that we can get through it at the moment i am living back at my mums to give her space but struggling i just want to talk to her every second of everyday but i no that my ADHD is controling me i just hope that she can understand and that we can get through this 

Controlling ADHD

  1. If you haven't had one, get an evaluation so you can start treatment with a doctor
  2. Get educated about ADHD - consider reading Delivered from Distraction
  3. Get info about "how to control ADHD" (i.e. making behavior changes) - two good resources are "More Attention, Less Deficit" and Tuckman's new workbook, "Understand Your Brain, Get More Done"
  4. If you can afford it, get a coach to help you figure out what you need to focus on first