Emotion Commotion


I read this article in ADDitude Magazine with great interest.  So much insight.  Gives me a very clear view of the internal workings and daily emotional struggle of my spouse.  

So, as I have said in so many ways, so many different times, I have the greatest empathy for his struggle.  Not blaming him for our lives issues, not feeling smug in my own opinions.

It is just difficult to imagine a peaceful outcome if you put a mild mannered animal - like a bunny, or sheep, or even if you like, a goat  - in a cage with a roaring lion.  Fur will be flying, and somebody will be injured.  By my own wit and wisdom, I choose not to step foot into the cage.

I read an extremely appropriate quote on my FaceBook page today.  :

Yes, I am a strong person.  And every now and then I still need someone to take my hand and remind me that everything will be ok.