emotional abuse?

I'm trying to figure something out.  My husband only criticizes and answers me in the negative.  He blurts out embarrassing things or decides the time to air out his grievances is in front of our neighbours and friends. Sometimes he just ignores me and doesn't answer me when I speak to him.  He has gone so far to tell me that it is a lack of sex (we have sex 1-2 times per week) that puts him in a bad mood so it is all therefore my fault.  He loses things, blames me for it, and when I can clearly explain how he lost it and where he had it last he doesn't apologize or take responsibility.  He instigates fights with me any time I spend time with family and friends so I have noticed myself avoid them.  I am starting to feel anxious and depressed and want to avoid going home after work.  We have kids.  I don't want to lose him, our lifestyle, or have our kids not grow up with a dad around...at the same time his ADHD is coming across like emotional abuse and is hurting me.  We are seeing a counselor, but I am not sure he will be able to change and I know even if he can put some of this in check it will continue to bubble up from time to time.  Should I leave him now in my 30s with lots of life ahead and a chance at something better?