Emotional dumping ground

i seem to give off some kind of energy that makes people want to unload their problems on me. When I was growing up, my mother inappropriately shared problems with me. She complained nonstop about how much she hated her parents. After I got married, my MIL did the something very similar. Except my MIL complained a lot about how much she disliked being a mother and a grandmother. Really inappropriate stuff!!  People that I barely know will confide in me and tell me shocking stories about themselves. One time I Got a massage and the lady giving me the massage spent the entire 60 minutes telling me how much she disliked her clients. Again, so inappropriate! By the time the massage was over, i could barely move my neck because I was so stressed from taking in all of her negative energy. Big waste of money for the massage!!

I’m just curious if any of the other non ADHD spouses give off this same kind of energy. I would really like to learn how to change this dynamic.