Is this the end of us?

My husband and I have been together for 13 years.  Married for 7.  We have two young children.  My husband has ADD and his drug and alcohol problems started when he was a teenager.  He was started on Adderall just before we got married.  He told me he stopped taking it when we started trying to get pregnant, but he never did.  He was abusing it.  He convinced his doctor that he needed higher and high doses.  He was buying extra from people.  I suspected that he had a drug problem for years but he would never admit to it and I could never prove it.  Three years of lies and sneaking around.  He refused to get help.  He stopped it cold turkey which I was scared about, but he was fine.  He tried a new mediation (I can't remember the name) but he didn't want to take it because it wasn't a stimulant.  He also binge drinks on the weekends and will occasionally drink during the week too.  He's very high functioning, has a great job, he's a great father to our children.  But I just don't understand this strong need he has to drink.  He was promoted to a corporate job right in the city.  If he gets out of work early, all he wants to do is drink until it's time to get his train.  He's been on several business trips and every night they all get totally drunk.  He lied while he was out on these trips.  Even he went out with some woman for pizza after the bars closed one night and lied about it.  I just had a really hard time trusting him because of all the lies throughout our entire relationship and he continues to lie.  Recently he got out of work early, didn't tell me and lied saying he was still at work, went out to a bar with another single woman.  They had lunch, 4 shots each, more drinks.  He texting me asking if he could go out drinking after work even though he had been there for hours.  He lied about who he was with.  He thinks this is okay since nothing happened between them.  Is this okay???  I don't know what to do anymore.  He just does whatever he wants and deals with me later.  He says he's been in prison for 13 years.  I don't let him do anything.  We've been to marriage counseling twice.  I honestly feel like he's never going to change.  I don't know what he's trying to escape from.  He says he loves his life, his kids, but he never seems satisfied.  He said he's never cheated on me and never would.  He just wants to be able to go out and drink after work when he wants.  He seems his time too he says.  He works a lot and needs time to himself.  I just don't get it and don't know how much more I can put up with.