Like the energized bunny

My DH hits the floor running about 5:30 every morning. He doesn't stop doing his thing until about 11at night. I am not on his radar much at all. He doesn' t have time for the simplest things such as having meals together or just sitting and talking. He often complains that all I do is say no to him. That is probably true. I am weary of his constant running, constant screaming fits. I guess when he asks things from me my automatic thought pattern is when is my turn to be able to request things. He takes simple requests as insults or something. It makes him angry when I ask for his time or anything else. Yet I am supposed to jump at his every request. I don't get it. An example is that we live 45 minutes from the nearest city. I have been 3 times this week to the city. He decides we should go again today. Umm no I don't want to sorry. We have plenty of things we can do here but he just has to be going all the time.