Engaged to an adhd man who is addicted to porn/anonymous

Well by the title alone you can tell I'm ready to run in the other direction!! I have been in a relationship with a man off and on for seven years and last year after talking to his mom I find out he was diagnosed with adhd as a child though he is not currently being treated. This set off a light bulb for me bc he has anxiety, depression and ocd (brushes his teeth ten times a day). And has a fetish for porn/porn stars. Ive addressed how this behaviour has bothered me (I have his passwords he gave me to his emails and thats how I found out) and he appologized but I think he just gets better at hiding it. In addition to that, he blames me whenever we fight, and then takes his actions a step further. For instance we had an argument recently and I hung up on him. He calls me back and we work things out. Things seemed fine until I found out recently that he started up a dating profile( through his emails) online on the date of our fight! I logged in and saw a bunch of women he wanted to meet and some saved as his favorites) I asked him is this how we handle fights now, and he responded that it was stupid and he did it without thinking but it was my fault for pushing him away! He knows Ive been on his tail now because I found him on another dating site and logged in and he has since emptied his inbox and outbox. We currently live in two different states (Im in Texas and he's in Florida) and and I havent talked to him about counselling yet but he wants to attend church with me, but Im getting serious cold feet. I told him I dont trust him at all but he wants to move out here, but when we bicker sometimes he'll tell me that he is giving up his family (his mom is depressed and probably has adhd) to move out here and marry me. I just dont know what to do anymore. Ive told him to just stay there, but he claims he is determined to make this work...but I don't believe anything he says.