ER Visit

I had been feeling very dragged out and lightheaded last week.  On Friday, I went to an urgent care facility thinking it might be COVID.  They did do a swab, but they were concerned it was heart related and did an EKG.  That was OK, but they told me to go to the ER to make sure it wasn't a heart problem that they could not detect.  After several hours hooked up to monitors, a blood test, a strep test, and a urine sample, they told me there was nothing physically wrong with me.  The diagnoses was stress--the doctor said that stress could be interrupting my sleep.

My daughters has been in psychiatric hospitals three times  since July, with even more ER visits.  Last week, she started screaming in a very triggering manner while sitting next to me on a reentry meeting for her school.  I had a lot of pressing work, but I kept getting pulled away for family issues.

I told my kids about the ER visit and the stress.  Today, my son refused to go to school.