everyone is blaming me

I finally got my husband to agree to seeing a psychiatrist. We live in France and I went through so many hoops to get us there - translating letters from French to English you name it. It has been truly awful. Despite a history of ADD-like problems at school, work and in previous relationships my husband managed to convince the psychiatrist that I'm the problem. My nagging and constant monitoring apparently puts him under so much stress that he forgets stuff and gets distracted etc. The psychiatrist called his family - who based on my husbands' reports - confirmed his view that the problem is me. So we came away with no diagnosis no treatment and a final conclusion that this is all 'marital stress'. You bet it is.

I have never felt so isolated. I understand how this has happened - but I can't bear it anymore. I've had three years of of being told any mishap is because of me - and I just cannot bear it anymore. My heart is broken. I don;t know how to get out of this now. I;m stuck in a French farmhouse with dry rot and I've lost my life.

I have read the book. It describes my life to a T. I know I'm supposed to show compassion and now and praise the positives and god knows what else. But I don;t know if I have anything left.

How do you get out of the hole?