Ex- husband using ADHD post- divorce diagnosis to gain sympathy and slander me

I mentioned early this year that my ex ADHD husband cheated on me with a mutual friend after claiming to be to be traveling  on business but went to meet her and she helped him file for an international divorce.

He has been using his new ADHD diagnosis to gain sympathy from our family and friends and exonerate himself from his hurtful behavior while painting me as a villain and I that I emotionally abused him

meanwhile his co- dependency on me was extreme . He uses my strength and capacity for his own survival.  He suffers from acute RSD too and every criticism is an attack. He was very envious of me and felt my business success then intimidated  him. Ironically I was extremely supportive of all his businesses, he set up 5 businesses in 15yrs, took on huge loans and was deep in debt . I took on a lot of financial responsibilities  and also raised and cared for kids and household alone. I stopped expecting his help because it was too exhausting always also him to do things which clearly needed to be done . He only did things that interested him, either he's in front of the TV, in the bedroom or in the study's. The roof could come down and he would not flinch

My biggest hurt now is that though  he has acknowledged his ADD and the huge impact on it on the failed marriage , he refuses to acknowledge the pain and agony  I went through and even says I deserve it. He's so resentful  and bitter especially because he has to pay child support . He wanted to start a new life with his mistress and make no commitments to the children. 

He has such a huge victim mentality and because  he seems easy going and reserved , many people only se this. I don't bother because those those that matter  know the truth 

I am about to get order against him now because  he's becoming an emotional liability to our teenage daughter, trying to win her over to his side and telling her it's better to come from a broken home than a toxic home. He's so emotionally irresponsible  and immature