Ex says friends would say if she was wrong, I say no

My now ex had a habit of venting every negative thing about me, real or exaggerated, to her online/ real life friends. She would use their backing her side to bolster her arguments with me and try to prove I'm 100% the problem. I told her that as her friend, they aren't going to call her out wen she is wrong. She disagreed and said that since they were her friends, they would be honest and tell her is she was being a jerk. I brought this up to my therapist, who responded with a laugh and said, "If our friends called us out in those situation, they probably wouldn't be our friends for long". Don't get me wrong, I know friends will be honest, but like any relationship, they know when not to be blunt and have some tact. I asked a few others their opinions and was met with the same response-no, friends won't tell you you're wrong,namely when it's a fight with a spouse they are not friends with.


so I guess what I'm asking is, which side do you agree with?