Experience with medications?

Hi there all - my husband has agreed to look into getting medication to treat his ADHD. This has been a long and rocky road and he's still dragging his feet about it. I 'm trying to get information and make it as easy as possible (I've been helping find a psychiatrist to complete the diagnosis/prescribe).   He has a psychologist who has also been trying to get him in touch with someone who can prescribe but a lot of folks aren't taking new patients.  Our marriage therapist is also trying to find someone.  DH won't make calls in between appointments.  He waits for stuff to be handed to him during scheduled appointments so each time he gets a "no" it's taken another two weeks to get the next recommendation. Grrrr

But eventually there will be someone.  I am nervous and excited about this.  Does anyone have any first-hand input about the medication process?  I have been on antidepressants for years so I imagine it's kinda the same thing - where something will be prescribed, monitored, adjusted/switched as needed.

But more specifically can anyone tell me some nitty gritty stuff like - about how long does ADHD medication take to kick in?  What kind of side effects I should be on the lookout for?  How they really affect the way your brain feels and you process information?

Would appreciate some input from anyone who has either taken ADHD medication themselves or had a good hand in their significant other's treatment.  Thanks in advance!