Extrovert/Introvert it's torture

My wife is introverted.  I am extroverted.  We have been married 22 years and it's dying before my eyes. 

All these years I have asked for her touch, for a physical acknowledgement of her love for me.  You know, hugs, her hand reaching out to touch mine while were on the couch....etc. 

This problem existed before we got married, it escalated soon afterwards.  Especially after we had 2 kids in a row.

Not sure why I bothered to write this here.  Maybe because I know it is going to end. I just don't know when anymore.

Some of you may know what it is like to wait for that hug or kiss or touch that comes to you from love, because they wanted to do it, not because you asked them to do it or because they are doing it out of trying to do it for you.  I think I am still waiting.

We have stayed together, for the children and for the commitment we made to one another on that special day.  But, I feel like I may have made the biggest mistake of my life for 22 years now.

Just so you know, my wife loves to be alone, thrives on it, we never have people over, the times we have it's been rare.  She just doesn't seem to need outside relationships of any signifigance.  I hate being alone or working on projects alone. But, now I am alone, pretty much all the time.  What I mean is my son is here part of the day, My wife is at work, but for the greater portion of the day I am alone with my work.  There is such a wall between us anymore, I doubt Kong himself could break it down.  We have serious marital problems, I doubt we will ever get fixed.

(no spell checker here? usually I misspell some words, sorry if I did.)

I was diagnosed late in life with mild ADD.  A couple days ago I read the Edison Trait that seems to fit me to a "T" as does much of what ADD suffers go through.

Thanks for reading this.