false sense of security--makes me nervous

Has anyone else had this experience with their ADHD spouse?  Things are going well right now...for a while now.  But I just cannot relax into it.  I am only about 85% invested because the other shoe is sure to drop at some point so I have to save a little bit of myself so I won't be totally leveled when the bottom drops out again.  Right now DH is helping around the house a ton, being a great dad, keeping in touch with me when he travels, really all around good man.  But...in the past, as recently as a year ago, there have been three other women, a secret bank account, a car purchased without my knowledge, a credit card given to a friend...I could go on.  So even as I lay in bed with his arm over me I am telling myself do NOT get comfortable--he could be doing something irresponsible right now, you just haven't found out yet.  Or, yes, this feels nice and calm now, but he could have three other email accounts that you don't know about, so don't settle in too much.  Is this that bad?  I feel like I am protecting myself from the next disaster or lie.  And there is sure to be one, there may be one going on already, I just don't know it.