Fed Up

Tired of getting the brunt of her anger at herself. My wife of 19 years has ADD and depression. I’ve been reading the blogs about the “Parent Child Relationship”and I must say that it’s happening in our life. Today, I saw that she was running out of her meds, so I called the doctor to see,if she could come in for the script. Yes, she got an appointment for 3:00. Wife was outside pulling weeds and I told her we need to hurry so as to get there on time. Taking her time, she finally came inside to ge ready. 2:30i reminded her we had to leave to get there in time.  Well, we were 15 minutes late and now she has to wait for the other patients to be seen. Mad at herself, she, as usual, took it out on me. It’s all I can do to hold my tongue (sometimes). I made a vow to the Lord, for better or worse. So, I’ll keep my vow and continue praying that she gets better and we can have the marriage we had before.  However, it’s getting harder and harder to love her. Any help would be greatly appreciated.