Feeling Helpless and lost

I am A Mother of 2 lil Gentle Men and I've been Blessed with a Caring, Loving and Understanding husband. I have been recently diagnosed with ADD, But my doctor stated that he was not sure now of what I have???? Hello Doc. Ok, I’ll be nice..

One of my children has PDD (A form of autism) and my husband is currently incarcerated. Now how have I been copping with all of this. I guess I've learned to survive it all. I look at it like its an adventure. But as of right now I think part of My adventure is ending soon. My husband has been the rock of the family since we’ve meet. I admit I’ve grown to depend on him to much for a lot of things, and now he seems to be very tiered of dealing with my compulsive actions and he’s stated that he feels like I don’t Love him enough to get it together.

We’ve tried medications but I didn’t feel like they were helping (ok, maybe for a week or two) My husband said they were. I tried to explain it to my Dr. but he just wanted to try some thing else on me. Know I stopped going to that Dr. Because I feel that if he’s going to just change meds like that he should run some kind of test on me, to see what is going on. Or am I just being to anal? But in regards to my choice my husband seems to be upset and I’m not sure of what to do.

May I add: I’m not a fan of taking medication.

My Family means the World to me and right now I need to get me right, cause they need me right. I am admitting it I need help but I want the right help.. Can some one Please Help Me?