Feeling unheard, alone and overwhelmed

Me and my H are currently in counseling. I feel as if nothing will help. he says one thing in front of people and on the phone and the next day, BAM who is this man who just went against everything he promised. Wed this week he asked me to meet up and talk(since we are living separate). I love him still so I went he says to me he got rid of video games and his social media because they're distractions. saying it's his first step to handling his symptoms that are killing our marriage and at times i think my health and well being(Im handling our baby, household and his entire life while struggling with Generalized anxiety disorder). Thursday we go to counseling he says he wants to fix things, blah blah blah and Friday I sign into facebook while my son naps to talk to a friend in another state and BAM there is his facebook up and running. I confronted him about lying to my face and he says well he took it down but put it back up because he needed "someone's number"( is someone a woman he sees or a friend I dont know, i dont even know why he needed the number) and that he took it down....a bald face lie again as it is still up. this conversation is immediately followed by him leaving me and my son alone again.

If i say one thing he doesnt like or call him out on a lie he runs on us.

Im at the end of my rope, It's almost my one year anniversary we live in seperate houses, Im thinking about divorce and he wont allow me to be part of his life in anyway other than sitting in my kitchen for an hour a day.

Is anyone else having these issues?

Does anyone have any advice?

I feel so hopeless and alone